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Quikpak WFS (Multi-Warehouse Fulfillment System) and Quikpak WAFS (Multi-Warehouse Automation and Fulfillment System) are packed with features designed to optimize warehouse processes for distributors and discrete manufacturers. Leverage web-based, wireless, mobile services with RF Barcode Scanning to maximize supply chain performance.



Receiving & Putaway

  • Validate and generate receipt against PO in ERP
  • Multiple sorting options (PO, Warehouse, Vendor, Date, Carrier, etc.)
  • Directed Putaway
  • Print item barcodes
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Inventory Transactions

  • Stock Transfers
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Warehouse Inquiry
  • Cycle Counts
  • Assembly / Disassembly
  • RMA
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  • Schedule and assign Pick Batches with sorting options (Customer, Warehouse, Order Date, Order Priority, Ship To, etc.)

  • Assign Batch to User(s)

  • Zone Waving

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  • Directed Picking and Routing

  • Multiple Picking methodologies including:

    • Pick Slips

    • Discrete Picking

    • Cluster Picking using license plates

    • Zone Picking

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  • Packing Options: Manual-, Auto- or Scan-Packing

  • Multi-level packing features (pack items into cartons and cartons onto pallets)

  • Consolidate & split shipments across multiple warehouses

  • Packing options by industry (e.g. Musical Runs for Apparel)

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Built-in print engine for the following documents, compatible with laser and thermal printers:

  • Carton, Pallet Packing Labels (GS1, UCC-128 or other standards)

  • Drop Vendor Ship (DVS) Packing Slips for eCommerce

  • VICs BOL, Carrier Labels, Commercial Invoice

  • Custom Reports (KPIs, Shipment Manifest, Pro-Forma Docs, etc.)

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Quickpak Connectors


ERP Connector*

Seamless API integration enabling real-time data exchange between your ERP modules and Quikpak​ *Required for Quikpak WFS / WAFS

Bin Management

Orchid Bin Tracking Connector

Configurable connector to enable multi-level bin management for inventory items within Sage 300, as part of purchase order receipts, inventory (adjustments, transfers, cycle counts), and shipments workflow

Warehouse Management

Generic Connector

Configurable warehouse management connector to exchange packing information for an Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) documents, required for EDI shipments

Carrier Management

ProcessWeaver XCarrier Connector

Configurable connector to manage multiple Small Parcel and LTL carriers, and to exchange carrier and tracking information with Quikpak for ERP shipments