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EDI Solution

Merchant Cloud is a SaaS multi-tenanted browser-based EDI and eCommerce order management system with features designed to optimize Order-to-Cash (Sales Orders, Shipments, and Invoices) workflows for distributors and manufacturers.

Additional products are available to add on features for maximized supply chain performance.


EDI Solution

EDI Integration Add-Ons

  • Connect to more trading partners with flexible communication options
  • Multi-protocol support through VAN or Direct communications
    • AS2
    • FTP
    • FTPS
    • SFTP
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EDI Translator

  • SaaS multi-tenanted, browser-based order management – work from anywhere, anytime
  • Inbox & Outbox with configurable e-mail notifications
  • Auto-post EDI Purchase Orders as ERP Sales Orders, with optional exception-handling features*
  • Auto-generate and send outbound EDI Documents [Invoice (810), ASN (856), Inventory Advice (846) and more!]*



*Requires ERP Connector and/0r Quikpak

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Trading Partners and Labels

  • Unlimited library of Trading Partner kits maintained per vendor guidelines and specifications
  • Unlimited library of certified vendor-compliant labels (GS1, UCC-128, DVS Packing Slips)
  • Print Labels (EDI & eCommerce) directly from Merchant Cloud – eliminate 3rd Party Portals
  • EDI Compliance based on ANSI X.12, EDIFACT data standards, supporting XML, JSON, CSV data formats
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ASN / BC Module Options

  • Manual ASN/BC with pick & pack screens to drag and drop items in cartons and cartons on pallets

  • Auto ASN / BC with configurable rules to ‘auto-pack’ items in cartons and cartons on pallets

  • QuikPAK ASN / BC, deployed in the warehouse, to wave, pick, pack and label EDI orders with handheld barcode scanners that automatically capture shipment profile (items in cartons and cartons on pallets)

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EDI Integration Add-Ons

  • Supplier EDI (Inbound 810, 856 | Outbound 850, 875)

  • 3PL Supplier (Inbound 940, 943 | Outbound 945, 944)

  • 3PL Customer (Inbound 945, 944 | Outbound 940, 943)

  • Motor Carrier Freight (Inbound 210)

  • Planning & Scheduling (Inbound 830, 862)

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Merchant Cloud Connectors


ERP Connector

Seamless integration enabling real-time data exchange between your ERP modules and Merchant Cloud


Amazon FBA & FBM Connector

Seamlessly integrate your Amazon Marketplaces to your ERP for simplified and automated eCommerce transactions


Shopify Connector

Seamlessly integrate your Shopify account to your ERP for simplified and automated eCommerce transactions

Carrier Management

ProcessWeaver XCarrier Connector

Configurable connector to manage multiple Small Parcel and LTL carriers, and to exchange carrier and tracking information with Merchant Cloud for EDI shipments