5 key reasons to invest in Edisoft's integrated EDI solution for Adagio

January 26, 2012



Join Kelvin Takhar, VP of Sales at Edisoft  and  guest speaker Martin Morinigo, IT Manager at Renaissance Imports,  as they discuss how Edisoft’s integrated EDI solution for Adagio has reduced transaction costs  and delivered complete EDI compliancy .


Hear directly from Martin as he describes the benefits of the Merchant for Adagio solution and learn how Edisoft’s integrated suite of EDI software products has enabled Renaissance to achieve end to end order fulfillment automation by eliminating the re-keying of order data.


In addition, Martin will describe how Renaissance has been able to avoid costly charge backs as result of improving the accuracy of data entry. This session is also an opportunity for you to understand how Edisoft’s integrated EDI could help your company achieve a competitive advantage in your industry and improve your company’s score card rating with major retailers.


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