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The Challenges


Shavel's EDI system was inadequate. “After one week using our old EDI software, I knew it was way too manual,” says Rory K Gallagher, IT manager at Shavel Home Product. “It was an antiquated, manual entry EDI package which we had outgrown.” The resulting data entry errors incurred painful trading partner charge backs. To add to the challenge, the technical nature of trading partner mappings were often too complex for non-technical people.


Shavel researched many EDI companies, but they found several to be too expensive and too technical for a small- to mid-size company, many were inflexible and lacked vision, and the solutions that were cheaper claimed to be simple and painless but still had too much manual entry – exactly what Shavel was trying to get away from.


The Edisoft Solution


Shavel’s research finally led them to Edisoft and in 2002 they began using Merchant Express Edition, a stand alone, end-to-end EDI application. Two years later, Shavel replaced their accounting system with Sage MAS 500 ERP. “Edisoft had already created the MAS 500 integration piece so it worked perfectly,” says Gallagher. “EDI orders dropped seamlessly into our MAS 500 system.” Soon they were trading with more than 20 different major EDI retailers and printing GS1 common labels to ship several thousand cartons each week, all integrated tightly into their ERP system.


The benefits of teaming with Edisoft were felt company wide, but also by Gallagher personally. “The difference Merchant made ensured my job here, and to me personally,” confesses Gallagher, “it was a life-saver! Make no joke, the program and the integration are fantastic and really went a long way in reducing our charge-backs, giving us tremendous increases in productivity and efficiency, improving our processes, and we believe it has been a factor in increasing our sales, and hence the bottom line.”


The Results


Because of the new efficiencies that came with the Edisoft solution, Shavel was quickly able to do away with two temporary data entry positions, and their other workers were now able to focus on becoming more proactive in their customer service and building important trading partner relationships. The result? “Our company has grown tremendously since 2004, and we have expanded to other product lines, adding employees to concentrate on design and production," says Gallagher. "Personally, my duties expanded to the point where I can comfortably maintain customer relationships with several large accounts, in addition to my IT, EDI and data analysis tasks. In other words, EDI with even more customers and orders takes much less of my time than it did in 2001, making me more productive.”


Shavel is pleased that they teamed with an industry leader like Edisoft for their EDI needs. “Edisoft as a whole is constantly evolving and adding features, which shows they are not a one-hit wonder. We are constantly taking on new retailers with diverse rules and Edisoft meets those every time,” Gallagher admits. “If I come across as a fan, that’s because I am, and with every reason to be. Their product has helped fuel my company’s growth, and their success is mutually beneficial to us.”


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Edisoft is a great partner... They enhance our ability to meet growing compliance requirements, and play a critical role in helping our organization get the job done.

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