J-B Weld

The Challenges


Purchase orders and data entry for small business can consume a lot of company budget. Yet doing EDI in-house seems unreachable for many companies who must interact with bigger trading partners while meeting the demands of customers. EDI is essential to modern business but often seems unattainable for small and mid-size companies.


The Edisoft Solution


Edisoft worked with J-B Weld to implement Merchant, integrating it with their existing accounting software. The right software and knowledgeable service staff made the implementation easy to manage and gave J-B Weld the confidence they needed. Edisoft Merchant helped transform their electronic system allowing them to meet the needs of big trading partners and stay on top of the demands of customers.


"Others come in scratching their head saying they can't believe a company the size of ours is doing EDI in house," says Kerry Potts, General Manager and EDI Cooridinator at J-B Weld Company. "Edisoft Merchant allows a small company like J-B Weld that has big trading partners to stay on top of the demands of these trading partners."


The Results


J-B Weld benefited from Merchant's tight integration into their Accpac ERP system, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. The superior technology and expert support services make updates and maintenance of the product easy to manage. 


“Edisoft offers an EDI solution that is easy to use and easily saves the time of two full-time order entry clerks. It paid for itself quickly," boasts Potts. "You don’t need to be an IT expert to use the product. They take away a lot of the need for an IT guru. As the general manager in a small family owned company, I wear a lot of hats – I’m the EDI guy. Edisoft Merchant sure makes me look good!”


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Edisoft is a great partner... They enhance our ability to meet growing compliance requirements, and play a critical role in helping our organization get the job done.

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