G.H. Meiser & Co.

The Challenges


As a growing company with a fabulous product line, management at G.H. Meiser knew that big changes were coming. Based out of Posen, Illinois they were feeling increasing pressure from their bigger customers to begin trading documents electronically. Then a new relationship with Sears USA brought matters to a head. Sears mandated that its customers must trade electronically and failure to comply within a specified period of time would result in having a third-party EDI system imposed on them.


The Edisoft Solution


G.H. Meiser had past experience with desktop PC-based EDI but in each case the process was so complex that only one person in the company could use it. Skeptically, management at G.H. Meiser turned to Edisoft and their outlook changed. They received a desktop solution that provided full functionality and ease of use.


"I managed to set up Pep Boys for invoice and purchase orders myself after observing Edisoft's technical support setup Advance Auto. It was much easier than the first software system we had used", lauded Kerry Shipman, the company’s director of engineering. All of G.H. Meiser's EDI requirements were now fulfilled including Sears' need for the more complicated Advance Ship Notice (856) document.


The Results

The future looks bright. "As we start using the full functionality of Edisoft," says Shipman, "we can start driving EDI to achieve data integration that, in turn, will lead to business efficiencies." G.H. Meiser has increased functionality, satisfied trading partners and they’ve saved the company time and money.


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Edisoft is a great partner... They enhance our ability to meet growing compliance requirements, and play a critical role in helping our organization get the job done.

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